Saturday, August 19, 2006

Criminal Minds

Vicki here.

I was the victim of a crime yesterday. Not much of a crime in light of what else goes on the in the word, but it’s a big deal to me. My new bike was stolen. My brand new, middling-expensive mountain bike. It was so new that I conveniently had all the details of the bike – make, model, serial number – available for the police, because the sales slip was still in my purse! The bike I’d been riding before this was bought in a garage sale about ten years go. For the last couple of years I’ve been thinking that I really need to get a new bike. So I finally decided to splurge on a good one. I ride to the train station every morning and generally use the bike for transportation around town, if I don’t have a lot of shopping. I’m a fair weather biker, meaning that I only bike about five months of the year. I get real pleasure out of it.

My bike was stolen at the train station. The bike rack used to sit out in front of the entrance building, but a couple of days ago it was moved behind a big green box of some sort, so that the bike rack could no longer be seen from the parking lot. Good move, eh? I will be sending a strongly worded letter to the station authorities, let me tell you. Like a good citizen I reported the crime to the police. The officer phoned me later and told me that they’d just got another call – another bike stolen from the same place, same time.

Yesterday, I was very disappointed, but shrugged and got on with things. But today I’ve fallen into a real funk about it. I feel really bad. I’ll use my daughter’s bike for a while, while I decide if I want to get another good one, or just buy something cheap and nasty.

I have just started my new book. I’m at the stage right now where the characters are created, the major plot is pretty much set, but the sub plots are still shifting around, trying to take shape. The new book is going to be a cop story – the start of a proposed series. I have a feeling that a bike-theft ring will be playing a prominent role in the book. And you can be sure that the evil leader of the ring, and the nasty little weasel who steals the bike of the environmentally-conscious, charming, friendly, kind to animals and small children, middle-aged lady who spent what little she could afford getting herself a new bike to toddle about town, will be coming to a very, very unpleasant end! Boiling in oil in the knock-down bike shop, perhaps?

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