Monday, September 11, 2006

Book Events and (No) Bike News

Book Events

Vicki here...
I still haven’t decided how I feel about book events. I started thinking about this on the weekend when Charles told me that he went to Virginia for the annual Book Em event. I had been thinking about going, there was a great line up of writers, but it’s a long way from Oakville, Ontario. So should I drive for 10 hours, stay in a hotel overnight, then drive home for 10 hours in order to have a chance to sell a handful of books? And probably take a day off work to do it. It doesn’t seem cost effective – well, it isn’t cost effective in the least from a purely monetary standpoint. But some writers think it’s well worth doing just to get your name and your books out there.

The sort of thing I’m talking about is different from a book store visit. I do see the value of visiting bookstores. Particularly for writers with relatively small presses like me: My book won’t get in a lot of the stores unless I go there with it. And when I leave, hopefully the books will be on display and people will come in and buy them!

I’d be interested to know what other writers think of events. Do you find them worthwhile in the long run?

Speaking of bookstores, I had a great surprise the other day. I was walking to work thought the Toronto underground world (not the subway – the entire Toronto downtown core is connected by tunnels full of shops and restaurants) and there was an entire window display of MY BOOKS in the Coles at Royal Bank Plaza. My, but it looked nice. The reason the store has a window full of books, is that I am doing a signing there this week (Thursday, Sept 14th, at noon, if you’re interested). I haven’t even been there yet, and it is already paying off.

And for all you that have been asking about my bike (sniff, sob) – I haven’t heard anything. Not that I really expected to. However in the every cloud has a silver lining department, the bike theft ring has moved up to play an important part in my new book. So when I get my Pulitzer or Edgar, I might even be able to thank the thief. Then I’ll kill him.

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