Saturday, September 23, 2006

Toronto, Muncie and Me

This weekend Rose and I and some friends will be heading up to Toronto for Word on the Street (Sunday Sept 23rd), the big ‘ol book and magazine event that takes place across Canada. I’ll be joining my pals at the Crime Writer’s of Canada booth (just look for the mobs of savvy book buyers), hawking my wares and buying more books than I will ever read.

For me, any time I can spend in TO is a treat, but I’m really excited about this trip since I’ve just finished Maureen Jenning’s Except the Dying, the out-frickin’-standing mystery set in the bitter Toronto winter of 1895. I’m looking forward to trekking through the same King Street/Queen Street neighborhoods Miss J describes so vividly, tracking down the Rhodes’ home, visiting St. Paul’s, heading to John O’Neill’s for a beer (or settling for a modern equivalent). It’s going to be fun and, hopefully, warmer.

Now I’d like to say that I have been a fan of Maureen Jennings for years but the truth is I may have missed her if it wasn’t for Muncie, Indiana. You see this year’s Magna Cum Murder mystery convention is suggesting that all attendees read the same book before they arrive, that way we can all have something in common to discuss. (It’s a great idea, by the way, and I recommend it to conference organizers everywhere, especially if you can use one of my books.)

So it’s off to pack. Drop by and say hello and if you mention this post I have a special gift for you.


Vicki Delany said...

Charles, don't you mean Sunday the 24th (not the 23rd).

Charles benoit said...

The 23rd, the 24th...all the same thing, right?

Charles benoit said...

Update: So guess who I met at Word on the Street? Maureen Jennings. How cool is that?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Melvin,

That's really great. Charles is going to look good in a new set of school togs. That was so nice of you to tell him about it.

Charles benoit said...

Can you believe this Melvin guy and his pal, anonymous? That's either a rather slick program that surfs blogs, pulls out names and sends targetd ads or it's one really bored, poorly paid SOB who has to do it all by hand. What's your guess?