Friday, January 26, 2007

The Enthusiast

Charles again

I work at an ad agency and last week we engaged in a company-wide exercise designed to make us more aware of our company’s work habits and how we can better communicate within the agency. Now I’ve been to lots of these types of seminars over the years but this one was really outstanding. Freaky, too.

The seminar is called “Companies are People Too” and one of the main ideas behind it is that every company has its own personality, its own way of doing things. I’m going to skip over all the really helpful stuff we learned about our agency and get down to the stuff it said about me.

As part of the pre-seminar prep work we took a 40+ question personality quiz thingy and during the seminar we learned the results. It turns out that out of the 20 or so personality types, I’m what they call The Enthusiast. No surprise there, if you know me, but what freaked me out were the details that came up in the description – a person that sees humor in every situation…unconventional with a zany charm…can switch from total professionalism to total silliness in an instant…good motivators…not precise in their answers…good brainstormer…gets bored quickly…lacks follow through…dislikes bureaucracy, repetition and being alone…spontaneous… makes friends easily but is bad about keeping in touch… good at telling funny stories…

Okay, so maybe that’s a lot of people, but as we were going through the “type” it seemed that everyone at the agency was looking at me and more than one person said something like ‘well that explains everything.’ And it wasn’t like a horoscope where if you read one for a different sign it could fit perfectly for you as well. Only one of the other types came close to describing me and it wasn’t all that close. I’m telling you folks, it was weird, but in a cool way.

So then I got to thinking about archetypes all that epic hero/adventurer stuff that has influenced my writing. I’m sure there’s a way to pull together all the stuff I learned at the seminar and all the stuff I’ve picked up from reading folks like Joseph Campbell, Carol Pearson and Christopher Vogler and before I jump into writing my next book I think I’m going to take some time to explore those connections and expand my understanding of what motivates us to do the wacky stuff we do.

Or not. Knowing me, I’ll get all buzzed about it for a month, read voraciously on the topic, then get distracted by some bright lights or some colorful do-dad and run off in a whole new direction, telling everyone how amazingly cool this new way is and why they should try it.

I can’t help it. It’s my nature.

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Jared said...

lol! Well, I don't know about everything in that list, Charles, but most of it sure seems to fit with what I've learned about you over the last year. And I'm all for self-awareness in all its forms. I can't wait to read Noble Lies. I'll keep in touch!