Monday, May 28, 2007

Of Blogging and Bunny Rabbits

As I write this it's 8:00 a.m., Friday, May 25. I’m sitting on the porch of our cottage in Alburg, Vermont, on the shores of Lake Champlain, watching a little brown rabbit nibble the clover and the creeping charley and the dandelions that cover our front lawn. I’ll mow it tomorrow, if the rabbit doesn’t eat enough. Meanwhile, it promises to be a beautiful day today, sunny, temperature in the high 20s (or 80s, given my locale). Just enough wind to ruffle the water and keep things from getting too hot. The iPod is on shuffle, working its way through the 1,945 songs in my rock library, currently playing a Beatles song. I don’t really like the Beatles all that much, but Pam does, and it’s only fair that some of the music on the iPod is for her, since it’s our main source of music at the cottage. I bought her an iPod Shuffle a couple months ago, when she was feeling under the weather, but it holds only a couple of hundred tunes. My iPod holds a few thousand songs, rock, blues, electronic, world, classical, and opera (mainly sopranos).

I’m going up the road to the local library later because a neighbour told me they have wifi and maybe I can check my email. I’m expecting my editor to send me his edits for The Dells, the next Joe Shoe book, which, if all goes well, will be out next winter. I’m also thinking about setting a book here, more or less, as a way of trying to break into the U.S. market. The librarian might be able to help me out with local history and contact information, like the location of the nearest cop shop. To grease the wheels, hopefully, I’m going to donate singed copies of my books, three to date. Imagine how excited they’ll be. Uh, that should be _signed_ copies; so far no one’s burned any of my books.

Are you out of your mind with boredom yet? I know I am. My life, outside of fiction, anyway, isn’t all that exciting, even for me. Can’t imagine how uninteresting it is for you, whoever the hell you are. But one of our fellow TypeM bloggers took the rest of us to task the other day for not posting on a regular basis. My assigned day is Saturday. Some of us had reasonable excuses, such as driving cross-country, but my only excuse was a lack of commitment, coupled with laziness and a tendency to procrastinate, which I’m going to write an article about someday. Sorry, old joke. Thing is, I’m not sure I like blogging any more than I like the Beatles. I don’t read blogs on a regular basis, except TypeM, and even then, only when I remember. I think one has to be something of an egotist to think that anyone else is interested in his or her day-to-day musings -- or live a significantly more interesting life than I do...

There’s a little red finch on the lawn now, crimping over the stems of dandelions with his beak to get at the seeds. Yesterday I watched a yellow and black finch do the same thing. Smart birds. Maybe I’ll look them up in the bird book ... later. There’s a redwing blackbird family nesting in a cedar we planted the year before last. Dad harasses us whenever we walk out to Pam’s wildflower garden. He’s afraid of the lawnmower, though. So am I ...

See what I mean? If you find that interesting, you need to get a life, for god’s sake. Surely you’ve got better things to do. I know I do. I don’t even know who you are. Who reads this thing, anyway, besides Charles and Rick and Vicki and Barbara and me (sometimes)? The only comments I’ve received to my posts, that weren’t some kind of spam, came from fellow bloggers -- no, sorry, I think there was one from a reader in California after I wrote about the shooting at Dawson College down the road from my apartment in Montreal. I can’t check right now because I’m off-line. Maybe when I go up to the library ...

I promised my fellow TypeMers that I’d try harder to post more frequently. I won’t promise to do it every Saturday, because it’s a promise I likely won’t (be able to) keep. And don’t expect all of my posts to be as exciting as this one.

It’s 9:20 a.m. now. Van Morrison is on the iPod. Don’t know where the bunny has gone. Didn’t eat enough, so I guess I’m going to have to mow tomorrow after all.

Michael Blair
Alburg, Vermont


alex said...

alex said...

Jill said...
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Jill said...

Hello Michael,
My Name is Jill and I live in East Gippsland Victoria Australia. It is winter here and rather cold, windy and heaps of rain. I live in the lakes district and we are experiencing and expecting a lot of rain over the next few days, about 200mm they say. Last week after a heavy downpour the lake rose about 5 inches but settled down a little bit. The water is close to my home and the land is flat. There was a flood in 1998, my Aunt lived here then and had to be evacuated. I hope we don't have the same experience as my craft room is on ground level! I don't want to think about it just yet. At the moment I am lying in bed with the electric blanket on to keep warm, the lap top on my knees, two sooky dogs on the floor and one cat trying to get warmth through the blankets, my other cat is hiding in the wardrobe for fear of more thunder. The rain has stopped for the moment, but very windy. I will have to get up soon and look out the windows to see how big the puddles are getting and hopefully cannot see the lake water approaching my house!

So while reading my emails I decided to update my blog and was just looking around and found I could search other peoples blogs for anything that might be of interest to me. So I searched for Dragonflies and bunny rabbits, but did not get much to see, so I deleted the dragonflies and your blog appeared with the mention of a bunny rabbit. So This is how I found you.

You mentioned that you did not know who read your blog, maybe only just your other blog friends, so I decided to let you know that I have read your title of Blogging and Bunny Rabbits and thank you it was very interesting. I am fortunate to experience a lot of wildlife also. Unfortunately I don't see and kangaroos, but I believe there is one large roo that visits the local canal now and again. We have coming for a regular feed a family of 5 magpies, three babies from this year all being hand fed now and not worried by our dogs at all. While feeding them a pair of wattle birds come for scraps, but don't get too close. 6 white Ibis hang out the back for some bread and then get a drink from the bird bath, interesting to watch how they drink with their long beaks. We also have a bird feeder for the Red rosellas and some lorikeets too. Often see many grey and pink galahs, white cockatoos with the yellow crest, jenny wrens, willy wagtails, swallows, thrush. Then there are the water birds, seagulls, magnificent black swans, pelicans, cootes, and a lot of other fishing birds too many to mention. Last summer we did have an unexpected visit from an Echidna for a few days, it was very hot and under the house was cool for it and many ants around too.

So I think I have rambled on long enough and probably bored you silly and you probably wish you had not made the comment about no one reading your blog. It is interesting though, either people do read them and leave no comments or they do read them and give you spam!

So hope you enjoy your bird and bunny watching in your spare time.

from Jill who is about to get up now and do some of the boring house hold chores and take some photos of the rising water!

Charles said...

Hey Michael, I came across your Blog entry today while looking for info on people in Alburgh. Yeah, I'm as bored as you were when you wrote the entry.

Anyhow, my family and I lived in Montreal (NDG) until they moved to Ontario in 1977. we used to have a cottage on Lake Champlain in Alburg where we would spend every summer. It was located on Kirk and Fitts Road North (at least that's what it's called now...back then it was just "the dirt road". To be more precise, from Route 2 we'd turn west on Firehouse Road, then South on the first (and only) dirt road about half a kilometre from US 2. After passing 3 or 4 cottages, there was an open field (right of way) on the right hand side adjacent to the beach. We owned the first cottage south of this field.

What are the chances that this is the cottage from within which you write? How is the neighbourhood doing?