Saturday, June 09, 2007

It Happened to Me!

A quick post from beautiful Boise Idaho (and I don't mean that sarcastically - it really is a beautiful city). I'm out of turn here because I spent Thursday in the car and have been busy at the Murder in the Grove conference since arriving. I was going to write about my intentions to buy a good geographical map (as opposed to the one with roads and cities and stuff I've been using) because the drive down here was so much different that I expected. Like desert and prarire rather than forest and mountains.

But that can wait. You know how as struggling writers we're always told that every little bookstore signing is important - it doesn't matter how many people show up? Well I did a signing at a super bookstore called Rediscover Books on Thursday in Boise. Total attendance - 1 customer. A very nice and knowledgeable customer, at least, who made an hour-long conversation fun. The bookstore employee came and sat in on the discussion. She bought a copy of Burden of Memory. Total books sold- 2. BUT... at the conference, the main bookseller, a big chain who shall remain nameless, had exactly one copy of each of my books. Laura from Rediscovered rushed back to her store, got the stock she'd brought in for the bookselling. And Kelly, the store employee, sat at their booth all day reading - you guessed it - Burden of Memory. And telling everyone how much she was enjoying it. And they sold a stack - I don't think anyone bought my books from the big chain.

So I am now here to tell you - every little signing counts.

Vicki - getting ready to go out to dinner with the fun person and great writer, Gammy L. Singer.

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