Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not Me

Just a quick post to clarify a few points.

I’m not the Benoit who is/was a professional wrestler.

Nor am I the Charles Benoit who, back in 2002 in Liberty, Missouri killed a cat. I have done some pretty heinous things in my day but I have never done that.

And I am not Charles Benoit, the amazing south-paw pitcher who earned the win last Friday night as the Hickory Crawdads (NC) beat the Greenville Drive, 8-5, at L.P. Frans Stadium, pitching two perfect innings and raising his record to 5 and 3.

There’s a Dr Charles Benoit in Danville, Pennsylvania who is a thoracic surgeon, and as fun as that sounds, I’m not that guy.

And while I am a scuba diver and I have seen many a lion fish, I am not the Charles Benoit who spotted a quite out of place lion fish while diving off Rhode Island.

Jeanne Sauvé was the first woman in Canadian history to become Governor General, a post she achieved thanks to lifelong encouragement by her father, Charles Benoit. I’d be honored to say I was that Charles Benoit, but I wasn’t.

There’s a Charles Benoit out there who knows an awful lot about guns and posts insightful comments on gun-related websites. As a mystery author who has guns in his books, you’d be forgiven if you thought it was me. But it’s not.

Charles Benoit appealed judgments convicting him of party to a burglary as a habitual offender and bail jumping in Wisconsin, claiming that by stipulating to an element of burglary, he was denied his right to a jury trial on the element. But that was a Charles J. Benoit and therefore not me. As compelling as it was, Benoit’s position was rejected.

There’s a noted BMW CCA racer named Charles Benoit but since I’m not sure what a BMW CCA is, it can’t be me.

There’s a radio director in Germany named Charles Benoit. That’s freaky since I also direct radio spots, I host a weekly radio show and I speak German (well, I took German.) But das ist nicht ich.

And I’m not any of the numerous Charles Benoits who are listed in cemetery registers around the world. But give me time.

No, I’m just me.

And it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

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