Sunday, July 29, 2007

My First Post

I've never done this before, blogged that is, so this might get a little tangled. The ongoing discussion seems to be about food and drink. Two of my favorite things. I used to live in Paso Robles, CA. – where, you say? – on the central coast, just north of San Luis Obispo. Beautiful place, rolling hills, huge old oak trees, and thousands of acres of grape vines. There are little wineries scattered everywhere. It has a tendancy to make – wine – the drinking of, not the making – a part of everyday life. I cook with it, sip it as I cook, and then of course, a glass with dinner. Now I live in South Carolina, but I still have a little wine with my dinner. It is beautiful here as well. Green green green. They keep telling me there is a drought. It doesn't look like the ones I'm used to. My house is 100 years old this year, but has held up pretty well. Old hardwood floors, tall windows and ceilings, wrap around porch, it’s great. Living here is great, but there are things I need to get used to. Like thunder storms. My Shepard hates them, but she's worked out a system for dealing with them. She gets into the bathtub until they pass.

Back to wine. I told you I'd wander. And Murder For Dessert sprang out of some of my experiences with the wine industry - not the murders, the funny parts. As a real estate broker for many years, I represented both buyers and sellers of wineries and vineyards, and got to know some of the winemakers. Then, a little over ten years ago, one of my daughters and her husband moved to the area. Kris had some experience with promotion and special events, and took a job with Eberle Winery. It was much smaller then, and they often didn't have enough staff for the Dinners with the Winemaker they hosted regularly. So – I ended up in the kitchen. Usually washing dishes. This is called conscripted labor. But I got a lot of ideas. I'll never forget the guest chef from New Orleans. His crew had so much grease on the floor, they sprinkled salt around to keep from slipping. But the food – fabulous.

It looks as if we are about to get some rain, and with it will come thunder and lightning. I'd better go make sure the dog isn't already in the tub.

Until next Sunday, Kathleen Delaney

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