Friday, July 20, 2007

Rick Blechta - Evil Genius

I learned a lot from Rick’s last post (see below) – about the publishing industry, sure, but also about Rick.

Even to contemplate ‘going indy’ is way too much for me – and I work in advertising full time. I know what you’d have to do, when you’d have to do it, and frankly I’ve been quite successful doing it for our clients. But for me? I still lack the intestinal fortitude to give it a go. Rick is obviously made of tougher stuff to even mentally work it out.

Now everything Rick says is true – the percentages, the potential – and I’m positive somebody can do it. And I’d like to see what he suggests happen…or do I?

What if he’s right? What if some big name author does exactly what he suggests? Success breeds success. Before you know it, it’d be the norm. We may all be forced into that new business model, so like it or not I’d have to do all that work myself.

Oh crap.

I hope no big name author read it.

I mean, other than us.



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