Friday, August 31, 2007

Alaska Bound

Vicki here.

Bouchercon isn't until the end of September, but I'm getting excited. I will be making quite a trip out of it, as I'm going to take the ferry part of the way and drive the rest. Plenty of people have said words to the effect of "Are you crazy?". But I've been in touch with my cousin Diane, who regularly communtes between the Lower Mainland (of B.C.) and the Yukon. Diane says that she's driven it, alone, many times, and I'll have a great trip. Several of the Typists are going to the conference, so I'm expecting to have a great time. In additon to the conference, we're taking part in the Authors in the Schools programme. We've travelling to various rural school districts to talk about writing and books. I'm going to Tenakee Springs, Sitka, and somewhere nearer to Anchorage, still to be finalized. Charles will be the guest of honour in Point Hope, and Debby is off to Emmonak, Kotlik, Alagunuk. Those last three names look like I just hit the keyboard randomly. Truth be told, I'm pretty jealous of them both. I'd love to go to those places. Look them up on mapquest - here's a hint: you don't get there by road. I'll post more about our Northern adventures as they progress.

My dog, Shenzi, had a wildlife encounter the other day. Think something small, white, black stripes. Yup. She was skunked. In further wildlife news, the Nelson City Police had to shoot a black bear recently, it was hanging around town too much in an area near schools, which gave me an idea for my next book. Exit.. Persued by bear.

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