Monday, August 27, 2007

Book Lovers

Debby here.

I'm sorry I've been remiss in getting my blogs up on time. No worthy excuses, just busy-ness, like everyone else. Part of it has been that I've got a new book out, and everyone on this list knows how that is. For me, it's a mixture of fun and agony. I share Vicki's feelings, where self-promotion is an effort I've got to extend. Charles, on the other hand, radiates enthusiasm and overflows with marketing ideas. I wish I had a dose of that right now--maybe Starbucks could add it to my brewed Vente du jour--and instead of hazelnut syrup, I'll take a shot of his suave demeanor.
Yesterday, I did a presentation at a local library. I LOVE libraries, and I appreciate the people who work there. They're like me--they love books. So, why do I still get nervous? I fret for a day or two before the event, trying to make sure I'll give the people who took the effort to come a presentation worth their time and effort.
After the first five minutes, when I realize that we're all there for the same reason, and it's not about me--it's about books--I relax and enjoy it. Though I'd rather be sitting at the computer, working on my next novel, these people have a generous energy, one that reflects back. We share ideas, favorite writers, even thoughts on how to connect with one's readership. And it's a great experience. I learn from them, and hopefully the experience is mutual.
I worry about reports that one in four Americans read a book last year. The library was busy yesterday, but this is a concern that needs to be addressed. Just for today, though, I'm relaxing in the knowledge that there are still book lovers out there.

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