Thursday, November 01, 2007


Vicki here, and tonight I'm in Fort Bragg, California heading for the improbably named Gualala where I'm doing a booksigning tomorrow at Four Eyed Frog Bookstore. With a name like that, I'm expecting a fun place!

I've been on the road since May. I've crossed half of Canada, from Oakville, Ontario to Tofino (as far west as you can go before getting wet) and by this time next week I'll have driven from Alaska to San Diego. I'm getting very, very tired of the CDs I have in the car. I love Bruce Springsteen, but even Bruce can get tedious. And yes, I've bought the new album (I'll give it a B). Just before I left Nelson a CD arrived from Poisoned Pen. A CD of the audio version of In the Shadow of the Glacier. So I've had something exciting, thoughtful, insightful, penetrating, thrilling, wise and funny to listen to.

It's been an interesting experience, listening to someone read your words. Carrington MacDuffie is the narrator, and she's done a great job. She can really change her voice so that the characters are distinguishable, and she puts plenty of emotion and emphasis into the reading. I don't know if I like how she reads Molly - she sounds a mite too schoolgirlish to me. She pronounces some words incorrectly (or differently, I suppose) including the name of the town. Everyone say after me, it's Traf-all-ger, not Traf-AL-ger.

I laughted heartily when the character Rose Benoit (I borrowed the name of the wife of the lovely and talented Charles) is mentioned, and Carrington correctly pronounces it Ben-oit, rather than Ben-wa as any Canadian would.

At one point one of the officers tells another to check into 'the owner of that fancy Merc' (nickname for a Mercedes, right?), which appears to be a word Carrington hasn't heard of as she calls it a Mer-se. Huh?

But all in all, she did a great job, and I've really enjoyed listening to it. And it's probably done me some good. I never read my books, I'd imagine that most authors don't, do they? but as In the Shadow of the Glacier is the first in a series, and I haven't written series novels before, it reminded me of some small details about the characters.

The drive down the coast has been fantastic, great weather all the way. Unfortunately I've had to move to get to Gualala in time, so I haven't been able to stop at all the sites I'd like. That would take a couple of weeks.

Until next week, when I hope to be able to sum up my book tour so far.


Charles benoit said...

I listened to my book - well, part of it. It's strange, I don't remember writing it and am often surprised at how good it is. I better check - maybe it's NOT my book.

Merc/Mer-se...I'd say it so it rhymed with hearse.

Vicki Delany said...

Nope. It rhymes with Perk. I mentioned that in the last couple of talks I gave and no one had heard the expression Merc for a mercedes before. SO it must be a Canadian thing. Live and learn.

Donis Casey said...

Funny, I've always heard it pronounced "Merk" for Mercury. My father was a GM car salesman in his youth, and that's what he said. It must not be just a Canadian thing - Donis

Rick Blechta said...

"Merc" is definitely used in the States for Mercury (as in the outboard motor, for instance), but I've heard the same used here in Canada (as Vicki pointed out) as a shortened version of Mercedes.

As for the mispronunciation of "Trafalgar", well, I think that's just due to ignorance. There is not a different "American" pronunciation of this word as far as I know. Maybe the reader has just never seen a British movie!

Anonymous said...

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