Saturday, November 10, 2007

Writing Again

Donis here, Dear Reader.

Since my long-distance travels are over until next year, I've been concentrating on trying to finish my fourth book, working title Book 4. I didn't do more than jot down random notes for more than a month while I was traveling to promote The Drop Edge of Yonder, and sitting down for long periods to actually write again is like coming home. I love it. I may be anxious that I can't make it work like I envision, and I may be worried that I can't get it done in the time period alotted, but all that aside, creating a world with my writing is what feeds my soul.

I finally made the trip up to Scottsdale to the press and picked up my 2007 Arizona Book Award for Best Mystery/Suspense Novel, which I won for my first book, The Old Buzzard Had It Coming, just last month, much to my delight and amazement. The book was published in 2005, but apparently they only give out the award every two years. The actual award is a clear plexiglass affair in the shape of the state of Arizona, with a big sun and the words "Arizona Book Publishing Association's Arizona Book Awards - Glyph Winner 2007". It is mounted on a stand that has has the title of my book and the name of my press on it, and award category. It stands about 10 inches tall and is about 8 inches wide, and I have it on the coffee table in my living room. I'd wear it around my neck on a chain, but it would be more like a breastplate than a necklace. Besides, that might be considered unsubtle.

I also picked up my copies of the audio version of my second book, Hornswoggled, and since then, I've been driving slowly around town, going to places I don't necessarily want to go, in order to listen to it. (Don't tell me I should do the logical thing and bring it in the house and listen to it. I have a book to write.) I have to say, it's really a hoot to hear someone read your words aloud. My reader is a woman by the name of Pamela Ward, she of the bright red hair, if her picture bears any relation to reality. And lo and behold, she twangs! She sounds a bit more Southern than Oklahoman to me. (Yes, there's a difference. Think Texas crossed with Arkansas. Or Clinton x Bush, if that's easier), and she says "Gramma" instead of "Granmaw", but she said my name right, and she pronounced "Muskogee" correctly. So I have no complaints.

Last night, I drove back up there to see Vickie at Poisoned Pen Bookstore. We had a great time, and I can't wait to read The Shadow of the Glacier. She told me she's off to Sedona, Arizona, today. Lucky, lucky person. I hope she's standing on an energy vortex under the red rocks and selling books by the dozen.

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