Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Things

Vicki here. I hope everyone likes the new page design. I think the colours are brighter, and the pictures add some visual impact. When I first created this blog, in order to add some customization I had to hard-code raw HTML (which I can do, being a very early Internet programmer), but the new version of the blogger template is much more user friend, and more visual.

Now my exciting news: Beginning tonight (Thurdsay, December 20th) I'm going to have my own show on Internet Voices Radio. I have a half an hour to devote to talking about mysteries. I'm going to have a guest author each week. To start things off with a big bang, I've invited the lovely and talented Charles Benoit to be my guest. Please tune in, if you can. The show will air every Thursday at 8:30 PM, Eastern Time on Just click and listen in (You might have to install a quick and easy bit of software the first time). Next week, my guest is the equally lovely and equally talented Rick Blechta, and on January 3rd, I'm very pleased to have Lyn Hamilton.

I can't think of a name for my programme yet, so being the rather lazy sort I decided to have a name-the-programme contest. Send your entries to vicki at vickidelany dot com. (you know what to do to make that a proper e-mail address: I'm trying to avoid spam e-mail address scoopers) I'm looking for a name that incorporates the idea of mystery or crime writing. The winning entry will receive an authographed book. If you can't tune in to hear the show live, it will be archived for your later listening pleasure.

Yesterday I had a great day at the RCMP forensic offices in Nelson. I learned all about fingerprinting, and DNA testing, taking molds of tire tracks, blood identifiers and all that good stuff. I really do like being a crime writer!

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