Saturday, January 12, 2008

God Save Us

...for if Charles is tired of promotion, then what hope do we advertising tyros have? Donis here, and truth be told, it's a relief to hear that even the most talented promoter gets tired of the relentless push to be noticed. In fact, not long ago a Very Famous Author told me that she gets tired of "the merry-go-round", and she's rich as Croesus and flies to her gigs in a private jet.

Just today I was complaining to a friend about my 2008 promotional dance-card. I, too, wonder how I'm going to not just afford all the travel, but endure it as well. And yet, who besides another author will sympathize with me? I am getting to write my novels, and they are being published, and people are actually reading them. I have three books in print, now, and one fundamental change has occurred between books 1 and 3. I am now being asked to do talks and signings, (and sometimes getting paid for them, to boot) rather than having to beat the bushes for every single one. So, like Sisyphus, a writer may have to keep rolling that self-promotion boulder up the hill, but it seems that one's efforts do bear fruit eventually, however slowly, if I may mix my metaphors.

I finished the manuscript for my fourth book, The Sky Took Him, last week. And speaking of boulders, I feel like one has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm testing the recipes to put in the back of the book now. I'll be glad when I have them all figured out. I don't need pies and cakes around the house, especially after the holidays. My editor is leaving shortly for several weeks in New Zeeland, so she asked that I send her the MS after she returns in February. I've been working on this book pretty much non-stop for an entire year, so I hope and pray that there is no major rewrite in store for me. I've been told that the book on the publishing schedule for January '09. My last book came out in September of '07, so that means that I won't actually be having a book come out in 2008. Since 2008 has been annointed One of the Happiest Years of My Life, I take that to mean something, and I choose to believe it's something good.

And last, in the spirit of relentless self-promotion, I'll mention that I wrote a guest article for on Sunday, Jan. 6, which I invite everyone to visit. Lesa is also holding a contest to give away copies of my two latest books to some, may I say, lucky reader.

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