Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Authors...authors who need readers

(sung to the tune of "People")

Blechta at the helm once again.

I'm exhausted, totally out of gas. The worst part is my goddam book launch hasn't even happened yet -- and that promises to be a major production. After that comes April. I have 14 signings/appearances so far. And I work full time. Waa, waa, waa...

Re: Vicki's blog entry yesterday. I'm not nearly that funny or fast. I suspect that I made those comments 10 minutes after the people had walked away. She's just being kind to make me look more clever. And actually, I probably meant to pick up her book that one time, instead of mine. ;)

I just re-read Charles' most recent entry to again get his thoughts firmly fixed in my head. I had them there on Saturday when I signed at a busy Toronto store and moved 32 books, including one of each of my 3 RendezVous-published books to one woman who could not decide which one she wanted. I offered to dedicate my next novel to her. I was cheerful and happy throughout and enjoyed myself far more than I ever have doing a signing.

Did I do better because of The Great Benoit's advice? You bet. No matter how many people walked by me with a grunt at my sales come-on, or those who turned their head and pretended they didn't hear (Vicki will testify that when I use my "teacher's voice", I am completely non-ignorable), I just smiled and waited for the next target to wander out of the relative safety of the magazine aisles.

The thought that went through my head continually is this: how could I have possibly expected everyone to want to buy my book? This is something I'm sure most authors think as yet another person brushes them off. It's a ludicrous expectation. The only time we might be able to feel bad is when a person says, "I love crime fiction. It's the only thing I read," and then walks right on by. The way I'm now looking at it is: it's their loss.

So, Saturday is another book-signing gig, then the launch on Sunday. Then April begins and I really hit the road. If I think of any snappy comeback lines such as those Vicki wrote about, I won't say them out loud, but I will report them here!

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Rick Blechta said...

Okay, NOW I'm up to full energy again. Why? Did I finally get a full-night's sleep? Have the drugs begun to kick in?

No, it's because I've just been asked to be the Guest of Honour at a small but very interesting, one-day conference called Genrecon. Vicki and I have attended and been on panels, but this time I get to be the Top Dog! Wow!! Not only that, I'm following in the footsteps of Robert Sawyer, science fiction author extraordinaire who was last year's GOH.

To say the least, I'm thrilled -- and very humbled. Details can be found on my website's home page.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...