Thursday, March 06, 2008

Plan B, or am I at C already?

I've been feeling guilty about not keeping up here, so I put together a writerly list of a bunch words that I find easy to misuse. But then I caught up on reading everyone's past blogs and now I've got to jump in. In my whine about finishing a book (I'm still scrambling like a fiend, albeit a confused one), I tried not to mention Patricia Cornwell. So now I've done it. Also Ann Patchett's Bel Canto (the bad ending, if you recall. What I'm trying to avoid).

But I, too, would love to get paid what these people, including Patterson, Clancy, V.C. Andrews, and Robert Ludlum (how can those last two spend all that money, oh, that's right--someone else is). I don't think I can say how I'd compromise until someone hands me a million bucks and a promise of more to come. And this is from a middle-aged mom type, who tries to be a moral example to her kids. My mantra to them has been, "Remember, you've got to get up every morning and go to 'work.' Make sure it's something you love to do."

I read Edgar award winners and think, "What made this book special?" And if I admire what the author has done, I'll try to incorporate some of that--whatever--character development, lean and clean writing style, regionalism (I already have that, and some people criticize it) into a novel. Usually I learn something about telling a better story. I'd probably try a bodice-ripper for the hell of it, though I haven't yet. Might be fun. So far, I've had other priorities.

I do hope I never have anyone else write my books. I may want more money for the effort, but I still love sitting down and cooking up these stories, keeping all those threads running and attempting to tie them up neatly at the end. Okay, back to the manuscript.

Next week, I'll post my list of words. Meanwhile, who's nauseous and who's nauseated?

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