Saturday, March 08, 2008

Quick reads vs. Good Reads

Vicki quickly dropping in from Left Coast Crime in Denver. I've stirred the pot a few times here by mentioning my reading of James Patterson's Double Cross. An interesting discussion immediately ensues. To a person everyone says - You know he doesn't write his own books, and then they all say - I don't know who reads these books. Here is my conclusion - mystery lovers don't like Patterson, and probably other best sellers that we could name - but they suit people who are grabbing books off the shelf at the bookstore when rushing for a plane. A quick read that you can finish on a long flight and leave behind, whether you've finished it or not. I'd like to read that article that Charles mentions on aliteracy, to see if it suits my theory, but I'm unlikely to ever walk into a store and ask for Playboy. Back to the conference.


Rick Blechta said...

Vicki, my dear, if you see those nice folks from Rue Morgue, Tom & Enid Schantz, please give them very kindest regards. They are two of the great people in the book business.

You could also tell them they should stock my new book -- or Charles might yell at them.


As for Patterson: I think his audience is mostly guys, late teens up to about 40. They're also the ones who go see slasher movies. There is definitely an audience for his books. Too bad we can't swing 'em away from the dark side.

I also thing you may have hit on something about the "disposable" nature of his novels.

Vicki Delany said...

Rick, I said Hi to Simon Wood and told him about the gig at the Moonlight cafe.

Rick Blechta said...

I hope Simon is well. I should have mentioned him, as well. Hell! I should be there to tell him myself. Please give him my best regards.

Hope you're having a great time. It's snowing like all get out here today. Vicki (mine) and I were supposed to drive to Perth today, but the weather was just too awful. We have 3.5' of snow in our front yard. Yikes!