Thursday, March 20, 2008

Writing, Conferences, and Signings

This is Debby, six hours behind many of you, which means you're in bed already, dreaming up exciting new plots.

That's why I write. Telling a story is like working a puzzle, except it changes as you go along. You all know that great quote by E.L. Doctorow: "Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see as far as your headlights, but you can make the entire journey that way."

It's exciting to build a story. The characters are real to me, they grow as the tale progresses. I wouldn't want to miss out on their adventures. Plus, some part of me is shy. Don't get me wrong; I like people and enjoy conferences. But working alone, specifically writing novels--fits my needs, it satisfies me. I'm energized by it. And I have a hunch most writers share this characteristic.

So my first priority is to keep learning how to write better. I want each book to be better than the last one. I want to satisfy readers the way I'm gratified by a great story. When I started to write, I didn't know my second priority would be to try to sell my books. But hey, I'm learning. It seems that a lot of complicated (and often expensive) efforts coalesce to make a bestseller. Conferences and booksignings may not be a big part of that story, but they have their hidden rewards. Some of my favorites are meeting other writers. Booksellers, too--those people are great. And the opportunities to make personally satisfying connections are plentiful.

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Happy said...

Definately attending conferences and Webinars on the same niche helps one expand thinking base and explore new ideas. I too being an exporter have my turbomeeting this january to get engaged with clients and biz guys of similar niche to have better idea of the competitons and work on new ideas.