Saturday, June 21, 2008

Carry on, Jeeves

Donis here. When I read book reviews, I often think that I learn more about the reviewer than the book. The same could be said, I think, about Top Ten Lists. Rick’s comment to Debbie’s post was spot on - the Top Ten lists reflect the lister’s taste and perhaps the lister’s agenda, too. When I looked at the lists Debbie posted, the first thing I noticed was an insufficiency of women. Then I started counting the number of minorities. What does that say about me?
Have a peek at my blogmates’ lists. Who are these people? I see some pretty arty, social-minded, with-it, sophisticated people. I’m very much inspired to read Wodehouse again with the old kith and kin while listening to Robert Johnson records.
What would Dr. Freud say about you if he were to analyze your choices of the top ten anything at all?
I will bet any amount of money that no one would agree with my choices of books, movies, or anything else. My choices are what they are because of what is important to me. So, in the spirit of complete honesty and self-revelation, following are a few Top Ten Lists of Things That Say More About Me Than Have Any Actual Meaning.

1. Top Ten Feminazis (You Go, Girl!)
This list would include Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth I, Vanessa Redgrave, Oprah, Golda Meyer, Gloria Steinem, and my Grandma Casey.

2. Top Ten Movies That I Could See Over and Over
Moonstruck, Sense and Sensibility, Cool Hand Luke, The Godfather I & II, Apocolypse Now, something with Hugh Grant, Die Hard, and Troy. (I adore the Iliad. It’s a great piece of literature, especially if you like blood and gore. The movie Troy bears almost no resemblance to the Iliad. But when Brad Pitt strips down and sluices himself off after a battle, I don’t care.)

3. Top Ten Varieties of Pie.

4. Top Ten Talk Radio Hosts I’d Like to Smack Around.

5. Top Ten Authors Who Have Influenced My Writing.
Ellis Peters, Pauline Gedge, Carolyn Hart, Steven Pressfield, Laura Ingels Wilder, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Lawrence Durrell, Edna Ferber, and Lee Child.

6. Top Ten Things I Wish I Hadn't Done.
(Never mind, you Nosy Parker.)

7. Top Ten Things I Couldn’t Believe I Heard When I Lived in Oklahoma.
Including : "What in the cat hair is going on?" "Well, feed me corn and watch me grow!" "Aw, batshit!" and the classic "I haven’t had so much fun since the hogs ate my little brother."

8. Top Ten World Events During My Lifetime That Shaped My Political Sensibilities:
TV images of police using dogs and firehoses on Civil Rights Marchers, Assasinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK, the Vietnam War, Watergate, Roe v. Wade...(oh, my God, how old am I?)

9. Top Ten Biscuit Toppings
Which must include butter, honey, sorghum, ham gravy, strawberry jam, orange marmelade, and my Aunt Lorene’s chocolate gravy.

10. Top Ten Musicians Recording Since the Breakup of the Beatles.
They’re still recording after the breakup of the Beatles?


Debby (Deborah Turrell) Atkinson said...

Love it! My stomach growled when I read about the top ten biscuit toppings. And now you've got me thinking about musicians since the Beetles. Does Stevie Ray Vaughn count?

Donis Casey said...

Oh, all right. Stevie Ray Vaughn. And maybe Greenday. And Gwen Stefani. And it's 'Beatles', you young person, you.