Friday, August 08, 2008


Friday’s is Charles Day. Alert the media.

Rick, Vicki and Debby bring up some interesting points about movies and violence, one of the points being, I think, that people get unrealistic ideas about guns, violence, terror and danger from the movies. That’s all true, but we also get unrealistic ideas about love, honor, justice, marriage, sex, college, work, children, religion, physics, nature, history, theology and killer robots, too. And while I accept my esteemed colleagues’ position that people’s movie-based ignorance about firearms leads to some outrageously stupid statements (see the quote from ‘the Texan’ noted below), I think our movie-induced ignorance about any of the above noted topics is just as/more dangerous. But since this is a mystery author’s site and we should stay on topic, so I want to point out a few movies with guns everybody should see because they teach valuable lessons. So, in no order:
The Maltese Falcon. The Scene: Joel Cairo pulls a gun on Sam Spade, only to have Sam get the gun from him and proceed to knock him out. The Lesson: Your weapon may not protect you and can be used against you. True, Sam doesn’t shoot Cairo, but he could have.
Bonnie and Clyde. The Scene: The ambush. The Lesson: There is nothing glamorous about getting shot.
Band of Brothers. (Okay, it’s a mini series, but deal with it) The Scene: One of the guys accidentally shoots himself in the leg with a captured German Lugar and dies. The Lesson: Even expert people trained in handling weapons make fatal mistakes.
Hang ‘em High The Scene: A dozen guys shoot at The Man With No Name and none of them hit him. The Lesson: Most people can’t hit the target. Naturally, this message is negated by every shot Clint’s character makes, but I still like the movie.
The Terminator. The Scene: Twenty cops all hit the Terminator with “kill shots” and he still does not drop. The Lesson: You gun will not help you against killer robots.
I hope this short review of films taught you a few things: One, I don’t remember movies very well, Two, I will continue writing even when I realized, oh, around the fourth line, that my so-called thesis was stupid to begin with, and three, while this blog is usually a can’t-miss daily web check, it’s safe to skip checking on Fridays.
That event in Canada? It could happen anywhere. The reaction of the people who were there? Normal human behavior. The belief that you could have/would have saved the day with your trusty six-shooter? Delusional.

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