Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cover Musings

Is it my turn again?  I've lost all sense of time and am living in one long endless moment.  Actually, I think that is the goal all seekers of enlightenment strive for. Somehow I don't think the state I'm in is what they had in mind.

Life is like one enormous stint in the Army during wartime.  Years of thumb-twiddling interspersed with the occasional hour of abject terror.  I'm back to twiddling my thumbs at the moment, and enjoying it immensely.  I appreciate everyone's lovely words of support.  In any event, I'm finally beginning to make some progress clearing out all the tasks that I left hanging.  I've answered most of my mail, cancelled all my reservations for the Women Writing the West conference in San Antonio at the end of the month (drat), and am trying to get the publicity campaign in order for my new book, which will be out in January.  I am further behind at in my plans for the launch of The Sky Took Him than I was at the same point for any of the previous three books.  But do I let it get to me?  Well, maybe a little.  But as my mother used to say, you can only do one thing at a time well, so I'll just put one foot in front of the other.  I may get there late, but I still plan to get there.

All of this deep exposition is leading up to a thought or two on covers.    I saw the final version of my new cover for the first time only a few weeks ago.  It's quite descriptive of the book, and it is composed of photos that I supplied to the artist.  But I don't know if it's effective.  Would I pick it up if I hadn't written it?  I can't look at it with unbiased eyes. We have discussed covers before on this blog.  What makes you look at a cover?  If you've had a book published, how much input did you have on the cover?  

Our guest blogger tomorrow is Nan Beams, who is responsible for book covers for Poisoned Pen Press.  Ever wonder about the criteria for a really good book cover?  Tomorrow you can read about it from the professional.  


Vicki Delany said...

Can you post a pic of the cover, or tell us where to find it. Then we can see. Of course it's much too late for any constructive comments.

Donis Casey said...

Well, Vicki, you seem to be expecting me to do the obvious and logical thing, and I haven't been having much luck with that lately. So thanks for the smack up side the head and here it is.