Sunday, October 05, 2008

Guest Blogger: Dana Denberg

Today’s guest blogger is Dana Denberg, senior copywriter at Dixon Schwabl and, after her participation in a special seminar, a blogging expert. Dana agreed to share her note from the event but did not bring us back any of the tasty desserts that were served at the lunch.

Funny that Charles—not only an accomplished novelist, but relatively seasoned blogger—should ask me—a completely inexperienced blogger, but good note taker—to write a few words on good blogging. I suppose the fact that I recently attended a “Blogging for Business” seminar put on by our local eBusiness Association has something to do with it…

And so, I share with you Eight Basic Blogging Guidelines, as explained by Internet marketing specialist Doug Williams:

1.Create a plan—Know your targeted audience and write on a specific theme.
2.Keep content brief—Aim for roughly 250 words. Use bullet points and numbered lists when you can. (What a coincidence.)
3.Post weekly—Go for quality, not quantity. Too many posts overwhelm readers; too few kill your blog. One per week is considered the absolute minimum.
4.Write for your readers—Be conversational and creative, while conveying your expertise.
5.Use links to support content—Reference previous posts, quoted sources, definitions, articles, etc.
6.Promote with link text—Market your website by using keywords in link text for a better search engine ranking.
7.Ask questions/encourage comments—Engage your readers to get conversations going. Note what topics get the most attention.
8.Measure results—Check your blog dashboard for number of comments received, inbound links to your postings and trackbacks (links back from blogs).

Of course, there are plenty more details to perfecting your blog masterpiece. Find more on Business blog marketing from the expert at

[Note from Charles: And you can see just one of Dana’s many outstanding copywriting examples by visiting the official Dixon Schwabl website.]


Anonymous said...

I fear I have been far too long winded in my blog (you don't think I'd send you there now, do you?!?!) Thank you Dana, I will try to improve;)

Charles benoit said...

Encourage comments? Hmmm...what do you make of that, gentle readers?