Thursday, October 16, 2008

Inspiration from my blog-mates

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak to the spouse book club of the Electrochemical Association, which had a big convention in Honolulu. I drove to Hilton Hawaiian Village, which is daunting in its bustle and the size of its storied parking lot, and met a couple dozen women who, to prepare for their Hawaii trip, had read The Green Room.

What a lovely, intelligent, inquisitive group of women (apparently all the elecrochemist spouses were male and in another conference room). As we talked about Hawaiian legends, the process of writing crime fiction, professional sports (The Green Room takes place in a pro surfing contest), and a bunch of things I may or may not have been qualified to speak on—say, none of our local spiders are dangerous, are they? The land critters I consider dangerous are usually two-legged, but I digress...

Anyway, it was another reminder of how lucky I am to be involved in an occupation I love. I love writing crime fiction, and I love talking to those that love to read it. How can I complain?

But here’s where I was going with this thought process, and it was inspired by both Vicki’s and Donis’s blogs below. My meeting was arranged by a woman named Linda, who is a member of the Poisoned Pen book club and contacted me via my editor, Barbara Peters. As time got closer, Linda and I emailed about the things we needed: what to bring, what to talk about, what the expectations of the attendees might be. Then, about four days before the meeting, Linda told me her husband had a health problem severe enough that he could develop a blood clot if he were to fly. She couldn’t come.

Her email was to confirm that I would still attend, but I read between the lines. Like Donis, she was coping with a serious health issue involving a beloved spouse. And like Donis’s situation, it had to be scary as all get-out.

And here’s where Vicki’s story was an inspiration. Linda had asked me to bring extra books, because she wanted my latest (how nice is that?) and she figured others would, too. So I’m going to send it to her as a gift. I know, it’s not giving someone in another country something that he/she couldn’t obtain. It’s not an act of international diplomacy, or anything big. But I hope it brightens Linda’s day and soothes the anxieties of caring for a sick husband. And I hope she can read it and look forward to another trip to Hawaii, when her husband can safely travel.


Donis Casey said...

Man, oh, man. The blood gremlins must be on the warpath. My best wishes to Linda. Your book will make her feel better, for sure.

Debby (Deborah Turrell) Atkinson said...

Donis, how's Don? Hope the glitch has been identified and rectified! Your story floored me, as you could probably tell.