Monday, October 20, 2008

What was that book again?

Vicki here. As long as we’re talking about covers, allow me to display the cover for the 2nd Smith and Winters book, Valley of the Lost. Release date – Feb. 10, 2009. I like it because:

1) My name and the title pop, as Rick says they should.

2) The peaceful mountain valley makes a good contrast to the needle in the foreground. Hopefully leading the reader to wonder what the needle is doing there.

3) The mountain picture says a lot about the setting.

4) It is similar enough to the cover of In the Shadow of the Glacier to attract readers who are looking for the next in the series, but not similar enough to make people think they've read it already.

Wondering where the cover is? The colour came out all wrong on Blogger, so I deleted it. If you want to see a pic of the cover of Valley of the Lost, hurry on over to

As any of you who are published authors know, the time publishers require between getting the finished manuscript and publication is growing all the time. My publisher, Poisoned Pen Press, now needs 12 months, and I believe that’s short compared to some other publishers. I am finding that leads to a bit of a mental disconnect. For example, I have arranged some Christmas signing events at bookstores in Ontario for November and December. I’ll be promoting In the Shadow of the Glacier, my most recently published novel. Glacier is number one in the Constable Molly Smith series set in Trafalgar, B.C. I finished the second book, Valley of the Lost, in May. In the last couple of months I have read the ARC of Valley, and have been attempting to come up with advertising copy, thoughts for a video trailer, and a press release. At the same time, I have just finished the third in the series, tentatively titled Cold Winter Moon, a few minor revisions and it will be ready for the editor’s approval (or not!) in time for a Feb. 2010 release. At this point I can barely remember what happened in Glacier.


Word Crafter said...

Boy Vicki do I hear you - the cover is great and all the points you make are covered and drawn of the essence of the book.

As for trying to come up with all the stuff you need to, to promote it -- ya I have written 4 books since my first one of this series is getting ready for publication - of the ten books that were published earlier- trying to remember character traits and names of those older ones - because covers were being changed I needed to reconstruct information...quite the task. But if you don't keep writing you loose that muscle - you can't wait for instant publication - it isn't happening. Not any more.
Good luck with your new book - it's looks like a best seller.

Vicki Delany said...

Yhank you for the kind words, Word Crafter.