Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth...

Just saw the first review of The Sky Took Him, by the always first, always complimentary Harriet Klausner, who can be counted on to make you want to keep writing.

“...The latest Oklahoma historical amateur sleuth story ... is a fabulous entry in one of the best continuing WWI era sagas. ... Fans will fully appreciate this strong story while thinking the sooner Donis Casey writes her next Tucker tale the better.” 

Love it. Thank you, Harriet.  

I’m enjoying this thread about character names.  I don’t usually have a problem with names, since many of the characters in my series are inspired by or based on actual relatives of mine.  And even if they aren’t, my ancestors provide me with the most intriguing list of names to choose from.  Most of the time, I don’t have to use any imagination at all.  “Alafair” was my great-grandmother’s name.  My other great-grandmothers were Selinda, Rena, and Ollie.  My grandmothers were Phoebe Lois and Chesner.  All the kids in the series are named after relatives, even Gee Dub.  Now, how could I make up anything better?

However, as for characters not behaving, I, too, am having as much trouble as my blogmates when it comes to herding the cast of my current book in the direction I hoped they would go.  In each of my books, a different one of Alafair’s kids takes a central roll.  My dearest wish is to have this book be about one child, but another one of the kids simply will not stay in the background. 


When I started this book, the plan was for the action to revolve around the Green Corn Rebellion, which was an aborted Socialist anti-war rebellion that occurred in Oklahoma in August of 1917. Did you know that Oklahoma was quite the leftist state before WWI?  I find that fact interesting.  My characters, however ... not so much, apparently.

This is becoming entirely exasperating, but what is one to do?  You can raise your children in the best manner you know how, but they end up going off and living their own lives in spite of you.

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