Monday, December 22, 2008

...And to all a good night.*

Vicki here. I won’t write much today; my family are starting to arrive and Christmas preparations are underway. At least I have tons of food in the house: my party for my new neighbours out here on County Road 10 was snowed out. The storm was so bad that people whose houses I can see from my house called to say they wouldn’t be coming over.

Next week, I’ll be in the Dominican Republic with the whole family: mother, sibling, daughters, their partners.

In the new year, I have not one, but two books coming out. Valley of the Lost (the second Constable Molly Smith) in February, and Gold Digger (The first Klondike Mystery) in May. Plans are well underway for the book tours, so please stay tuned.

Life is good.

I hope it is as good for you and yours as well.

* From The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore

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