Saturday, December 27, 2008

Face to Face in the 21st Century

Christmas is over and it’s time to get back to work.  This morning, I was depressed thinking about planting myself in front of my computer and going at it again.  This is one thing they don’t tell you about the author’s life.  It is relentless. I wouldn’t mind so much if I had more to show for it.  Or would I?  Is my nature such that I could never reach a place where I think I’ve done enough?

I did have an interesting Christmas.  I live out in the wilds of the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan complex, far from any member of either family.  My husband and I generally have quiet little two person holidays, or with a few friends, and over the past quarter-century that we’ve been out here, we have developed many holiday traditions of our own that satisfy us just fine.

Since 2004, though, my three siblings and I have attempted a computer get-together on Christmas day.  The first few times, the only one of us with a camera was my brother in Tulsa, who makes his living as a web master and perforce buys every computer device known to man the instant it is invented.  He got into the webmaster business nearly 20 years ago now, and though I’ve always thought of him as a cutting edge young lion, he’s actually in his forties and a curmudgeonly internet pioneer.  He won’t buy a new computer if he can modify the one he has, so his looks rather like something Rube Goldberg whipped up. 

But I digress .

 At first, the other three of us would watch him live while typing instant messages to each other.  But time has marched on, and the rest of us have slowly come into the 21st Century and added some devices of our own.  This year, 2008, Tulsa, Joplin, and Tempe all had cameras, and Denver was able to see us and talk to us.  AND we typed instant messages to each other as well.  Then for the piece d' resistance, Denver’s daughter in Seoul, Korea, joined in with her camera.  Technology can be wonderful.

All of this inspired me to attempt a two minute film clip on my web site, so I’ve spent a couple of hours today creating said clip and attempting to upload it to the “Gallery” section of my site. As I type this, no dice.  But never let it be said that I’m a quitter, so I’ll keep trying and let you Dear Readers know when it happens.  Just don’t expect anything that could be entered at Sundance.

I also have in mind to attempt a video book presentation sometime.  Surely one of you fellow authors has made a presentation to a book club or writing group over the web.  I would be entirely fascinated to hear the details.

Tomorrow's guest blogger is the fascinating  Lesa Holstine, book reviewer and producer of  If you've wondered about how those all-important book reviewers get into the business, I suggest you stop by and check it out.

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