Friday, December 05, 2008

Hey, what's Charles reading these days?

Throwing a little soirée at the pad this evening, just a few folks over for drinks and desserts, and in all the planning I forgot to blog up. So I’m taking the coward’s way out with just a simple summary of the books I’ve been reading of late.

The Modern Drunkard, by Frank Kelly Rich. It’s a must-have for any amateur imbiber, dedicated dipsomaniac or tiresome teetotaler. This little gem is filled with sage advice, helpful tip and vital information, to wit:
·40 Things Every Drunkard Should Do (#21 Hit a Dozen Bars in One Night)
·365 Excuses to Get Loaded (December 5th – Drunkard Liberation Day, commemorating the repeal of U.S. Prohibition, in Canada known as The Day We Stopped Being Able To Sell Overpriced Bathtub Gin to Desperate Americans)
·Cocktail Party Myths Debunked (Myth #3, Refrain from Criticizing the Bartender)
·Buzzwords for Boozeheads (raver pop n. a cocktail incorporating an energy drink)
·The Zen of Drinking Alone (Using Alcohol to Free Your Inner Monkey)

To top it off, it contains fantastic artwork, straight from the pages of Modern Drunkard. It’s all pitch-perfect and more than a little tongue in cheek and just what the doctor ordered.

Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks. This is the latest offering in the James Bond franchise and while I’m only a bit of the way in, I’m liking what I’m reading. If you told me it was a lost Ian Fleming I’d believe it…and tell you it was some of his good stuff. That said, I reserve the right to alter my remarks when I actually finish the thing.

My Tank is Fight, by Zack Parsons. This one’s hard to describe. It’s a irreverent examination of some real (and all failed) “Deranged Inventions of WWII” and it’s from the folks at SomethingAwful, so if you know them, you know what you’re getting. But on top of nifty analysis of tanks the size of a McMansion and Nazi space stations, Zack has added in some well-written pulp fiction accounts of the weapons in use, which is cool since most never got past the drawing board. If you like weird, outsider stuff, look this one up.

The Areas of My Expertise, by John Hodgman (yes, the "and I'm a PC" guy). Another hard-to-describe, must-at-least-skim. Imagine a trivia book, written in the style of a late Edwardian Book of Knowledge, where every bit of the information is 100% spurious. It’s loaded with wonderful bits of enlightenment, all of it made up, all of it fall-outta-bed funny. The section entitled “How to Write a Book: The Fifty-Five Dramatic Situations” is worth the price of admission alone. My favorite section? The fascinating chapter entitled “Nine Presidents Who Had Hooks For Hands.” That and the list of 700 (!) Hobo names (#381 Chalmers, the Bridge Champ, #461 Rhythmic Clyde Hopp, #608 Magnetized James)The website is also fantastic.

Now go forth and read!

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My Tank is Fight! ARRRGH! LUV IT!