Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh S**T, I forgot

Debby here, and I was a space case all week. Why not be consistent? This was my day for a guest blogger and I FORGOT! My apologies to all, mea culpa, mea culpa. No good excuses, either, but who wants to hear them, anyway?

So I’m going to discuss some interesting things I discovered while being an absent-minded dolt. Here’s an article on organized crime, with thanks to Avi Lap of Police Pulse. He mentions the Yakuza, which was what caught my eye, as those guys have been hanging around the islands for a while because it’s easy for them to blend in. Back in the 90’s, when the Japanese economy was stronger, the Yakuza had numerous money-laundering operations on Oahu and Maui. But it looks like they’re mild compared to the Eastern Europeans, and the Italian mob is starting to look provincial. Take a look:

I enjoy browsing Lee Lofland’s “Graveyard Shift, A Guide to All Things Cops and Robbers.” Check it out: He has an information-packed blog. One of my favorite entries is about specific software used by the FBI, CIA, DEA, and many local departments to enhance fuzzy digital images that may provide crucial evidence in investigations. Apparently, Ocean System’s dTective ClearID v. 20 system is one of the tools highly valued by forensic investigators. It is a forensic plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that will not destroy the original piece of evidence, and can be used to enhance any video from any source.

If you’re writing a murder scene in your novel, go to Lee’s section on murder investigations. As a former police detective, he knows the procedure, and he leads us readers through the checklist the detectives use. Prepare yourself, the pictures aren’t pretty, and I’ll bet they’re the most presentable he had on hand. Fascinating combination of science, intuition, and resourcefulness, let alone intelligence.
Hope this helps you with the next novel.