Friday, February 20, 2009

A Writer's Movie

Charles here, with your ticket to a great movie.

Do yourself a favor and rent Roman de Gare, a French flick (available at Blockbuster of all places) directed by Claude Lelouch and starring Dominique Pinon, Fanny Ardant and Audrey Dana. Honestly, I’ve never heard of any of them (and I’m sure they’ve never heard of me) but it was one of the best movies Rose and I have seen in quite a while.

You should see Roman de Gare if:
· You like thrillers with a lot of twists
· A lot of twists
· You like having your stereotypes driving those twists
· You have a sense of humor that could be described as “French”
· You don’t mind subtitles
· You like movies that focus on adults
· And when I say adults, I don’t mean 23

Now all of these things could be said about a lot of movies but since this blog is essentially about writing and writers, here are a few ‘writer-ly’ reasons to see Roman de Gare:
· It illustrates where writers (at least some) get their plot ideas
· It provides insight on what unknown writer (like me) feel knowing that they will never do as well as the handful of few celebrity authors – even when they write a good book
· It shows the anguish authors are forced to endure when they know that they are all washed up
· It takes a critical look at how a few authors are celebrated and the rest ignored
· It’s a good example of how a character’s back story should be slowly trickled into the plot
· It makes good use of subtle foreshadowing
· And, most importantly, it inspires you to become your best, because you never know…

Note: Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed is the fast-paced debut mystery by Marc Blatte. Part police procedural, part thriller, part hip-hop noir, it will take you places that no other book has gone before, all with a style that’s freakishly relaxed and absolutely authentic. But be forewarned, it’s no cozy, and it ain’t your mother’s thriller either. It’s gritty, it’s today’s urban, and if they could get it in the right hands, it could turn a generation into readers. This Sunday, Marc will drop in for a stint as gust blogger. Read his post, sure, but better yet, go read Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed.

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Jared said...

Dominique Pinon is great. He frequently works with Jean-Pierre Jeunet (City of Lost Children, Alien: Resurrection, Amelie) and is a recommendation on his own. I'll have to check it out as it sounds like an appropriate neo-noir.