Monday, April 06, 2009

Launch of Vicki Delany's New Web Page

Today, I launched my new web page. Come on over and have a look: Let me know what you think.

It’s a complete redesign, intended to look modern and clean. One of the features of the new site is that it will be much easier for me to add content, particularly when I have news items to quickly post.

In my opinion a good web page is the most important tool in a professional writer’s promotional tool box. When you have something you want to tell the world, fast and immediate, a web page is the only way to go. You can’t easily send book covers, long reviews, or book trailers by e-mail, but you can put all that on your web page and direct your contacts there. Don’t have e-mail? Then you’re really doomed.

But even more than your contacts, it’s the contacts you don’t have yet that need to access your web page. Rick suggested an author for an event I’m organizing. I looked him up – no web page. Sorry, but I’m not going to hunt him down; I’ll go on to someone else whose books I can find details about and whose contact info is available. I hope that if someone hears my name, perhaps a friend mentions she liked my book, she can find me on the web with just a couple of key strokes, read about my books, read a sample chapter, watch the trailer, maybe check out my bio, and then, hopefully, make the decision to get a book.

The web page name (the URL) should be short and easy to remember, preferably just the writer’s name. You need to be able to tell a prospective web visitor the name and hope they’ll remember it even if you’re nearing the summit of Mount Everest and they don’t have a pen and pencil and your cards are back at base camp.

I have the misfortune of having a fairly common last name that is spelled uncommonly. I can’t call my web page But I have enough of a web presence (that’s also something you have to work at) so that most searches for Vicki Delaney will come up with my name.

I used to be a computer programmer. In the early days of the Internet, I wrote and maintained my department’s web page in raw HTML (the code the WWW is written in). So I know how to do this stuff. Do I? No, I’ve hired a professional. Because I want a professional looking site, and I just don’t have the time for learning all the new tools and for the time and frustration that would be involved in doing it myself. It can be expensive, but my advice is to either spend what you can, or spend the time to learn to do it well.

A good web page is your face, and the face of your books, to the world.

So please drop by my page, and say Hi.

Next week: A peek a my real face wearing the 1890s hat I've bought for the launch of Gold Digger: A Klondike Mystery.


Rick Blechta said...

Looks really nice. Your designer did a great job!

Debby (Deborah Turrell) Atkinson said...

Nice, Vicki!

aliya seen said...
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aliya seen said...
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aliya seen said...

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