Friday, April 03, 2009

The Plots Thicken

Charles here, starting off with a welcome back to Vicki and Debby, however since the Internet is everywhere, in terms of the blog they didn’t really go anywhere. But welcome back anyway.

Next on the list: Meg Abbott’s talk last night at St. John Fisher College. Meg was great, the crowd excellent, the room way too hot and the post-talk gathering at Good Luck was magnificent. Jared Case was there—and I send you to his blog (4/1/09) with my compliments, as you must read his nifty take on my new YA book title. (Well, tentative title. We’ll see what HaperCollins does with it.) Meg read from her upcoming book and, as befitting the Queen or Noir, it was amazing. Each of Meg’s books is better than the one before it, which is sad since theoretically she can only write a few more books before the Ultimate Noir Novel is written and the genre comes to a close. Till then, though, it’s a great ride.

I must give a shout out to the bartenders at Good Luck who did a great job on mixing some ancient cocktails—The Sazerac (5 stars), The Corpse Reviver (3 stars – a tad too weak for my tastes), The Nergoni (0 stars – one of the few cocktails I consider undrinkable.)

Donis has some neat stuff on classic plots (below) and that blog should be read by one and all. But I fear she left a few out. Some may argue that these are sub-plots or that they are patently inane, but I put them forward nonetheless:

Writer vs. Blank Paper
Office worker vs. jammed copier
Sinus sufferer vs. that iron-tough foil wrapper on the back of Sinutabs
Miles Davis vs. Smooth Jazz
King Kong vs. Godzilla (or other escapees from Monster Island)
Tiger vs. The Field (Always take Tiger, even when he’s not playing)
People looking for intelligent discussions about writing vs. Fridays on Type M For Murder

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