Monday, May 25, 2009

Fifteen Minutes

Starting… now.

I have never had deadlines to meet as a writer. Both of my publishers accept my MSs when they are ready. Perhaps that’s because I can be counted on to deliver, I don’t know. But when Charles asked the question about deadlines it made me wonder if I would be a better writer with a tight deadline to meet.

The answer, I suspect, is not a chance in heck. When under pressure, I, to put it mildly, fall apart. I can’t stand stress at all, not of any sort.

I was in the computer business all of my career. High pressure, oh yeah. At every interview I was ever at they asked “How do you work under pressure?” And I always said, “Just fine.” Liar. What am I going to say, “I turn into a quivering basket case.”? That’ll get you hired.

Wow, all that only took me 2 minutes. Maybe I’m better at this than I thought.

When I moved out here to the County I lost my watch. I didn’t bother to get another one until I was scheduled to travel and decided that I needed to be able to tell the time for things like catching airplanes. That watch is somewhere in Hawaii, and I haven’t replaced it.

Of course, I carry a cell phone that happens to show the time, but at least it isn’t a watch.

Okay, all that took me 4 minutes. This stuff is easy.

Add one minute to check it over, and I`m done.

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