Friday, June 12, 2009

August in June

Last night, Rose and I went to see the August Wilson play Fences at the Geva Theater. The performance was outstanding – one of the best dramas I’ve seen at Geva in years – and everyone in the cast was fantastic. If you know the play, you know that it focuses on the life and “fences” in the life of an ex-Nergo League baseball star, and Tony Todd, who played Troy – was simply mesmerizing. It was a late night but Rose and I stayed up to discuss the acting, the set and most of all the play itself and its multiple and deep themes. It’s great stuff.

I wonder if anyone ever thinks about the ideas behind the books I write. I wonder if anyone ever ponders the deep messages and wise philosophy they discovered between the covers of one of my books, if readers meet to discuss the “greater implications” and “moral issues” that they found so succinctly and compellingly presented. I wonder if – just as I did after seeing Fences – people lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, forcing themselves to stay awake just to keep the memory of the experience alive in their head a bit longer.

I wonder if anyone does this when they read my books. I would like to know – partially out of vanity but more because I got no idea what they could have found.

Maybe it’s in code…

PS – yeah, this is our little band.

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