Monday, December 07, 2009

Vicki on T.V.

Vicki on a cold Monday morning. I try to be an optimistic sort and to that end I believe that no event is too small. You never know when fortune is going to smile on you and what looks like a write-off turns out to be a big deal.

Case in point – a couple of weeks ago I was the guest speaker at a library in the Niagara Region. That’s a long way for me to go, but I combined it with an evening with my critique group in Toronto and a day of gift shopping with my youngest daughter. The library turned out to be very small, in a small town, and only a handful of people showed up. It could have been a real waste of two days of my time.

Except for the fact that local TV came. They interviewed me and filmed me giving my talk. And put together a really great piece they aired on their station. I didn’t know they’d be there; the event organizer didn’t know.

Book promotion is sort of like writing the book in the first place: you have to be an optimist, and you have to believe that no amount of effort is too small.

Here’s a link to the program on YouTube. Vicki on T.V.


Charles benoit said...

Great job! You are a natural.

Donis Casey said...

You look beautiful. Great outfit, too.

sanjeet said...

You are a natural.

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