Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Blog

We get a lot of Canadian crime fiction fans on this blog, so I'd like to ask for your support. We have just found out that Margaret Cannon's crime fiction review column in the Globe and Mail will from now on be available only online. That is, she has been dropped from the printed newspaper book section. This is a serious blow to Canadian crime writing. As you probably know, few authors have the sort of publishers that can pay for advertising and prime retail space in the big chain bookstore. Writers depend on professional reviewers to get word of their books out there, and readers depend on the same reviews to learn about what is new in the world of books. So if you like Margaret's column and like to read it on paper, please consider writing to the Globe to object.

If you are on facebook you can join the group Don't Let the Globe & Mail Bury Canadian Crime Fiction to find out what is happening.

Thanks. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogs.

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