Monday, March 15, 2010

Vicki in the Big Apple

New York New York. In line with Anthony Bidulka’s Reason Number 6 on the Perks of being a crime writer, I am off soon to New York, New York. This will only be my second visit to that city. I went a few years ago with Rick Blechta and the late Lyn Hamilton for a book store appearance. We had a great time, but the visit was all too short.

There are a couple of scenes in my new book, tentative title Edward County, that are set in Manhattan, and although I have done a lot of work with Google Streetview looking for locations, I need to go there to satisfy myself that I’m getting it right. At one point in the book there is a foot chase through the streets of the Gramercy Park area, and I know that I have to walk the streets myself to get a genuine feeling for it. So if you are in Gramercy Park later this month and see a woman taking pictures of street signs and jotting down notes, it’s probably me.

One of the problems with writing novels is that the seasons change faster than we can write. I first came up with these scenes in December, and thought it would add a touch of poignancy to the story to have the protagonist searching the streets for a runaway child at Christmas time. Of course it is now spring, and the Christmas decorations will all be put away and the flowers popping up, but that’s where imagination comes in.

I am also hoping to have the opportunity to drop into a couple of shelters for runaway youth and street workers and organizations that work to combat human trafficking while I am there.

As it turns out my eldest daughter has to go to New York City for work and so we are going to stay on over that weekend and see the sights.

So if anyone can recommend 1)sights to see 2) hotels and restaurants 3) street youth workers who would be willing to talk to me, 4) bookstores to which I can pay a drop in visit, please let me know.

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