Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The sharks are circling

I got a link from Peter Lebensold, copywriter extraordinaire, and it's worth reading, whether you're published, unpublished or self-published: Writer Beware® Blogs!: How the Media Gets It Wrong

In the brave new world of publishing, there are going to be challenges as there always are with new technologies. There will also be sharks circling the murky waters, looking for prey. With this particular story, I detect the guiding hand of the poor kid's mom. This is obviously a case of "overhype" from someone who's trying to make themselves out as a wildly successful author (the kink here is that the son is being hyped), when they obviously aren't. I mean, come on, a 23-book deal? Which leads me to wonder why 23 books? Why not 24 — which is such a nice round number? Would 24 be too much to believe, whereas 23 isn't?) We've all run across overhypers, haven't we? "Best-selling author", they trumpet, or maybe they're "award-winning". Or maybe they just signed a 23-book deal.

There are going to be a lot of people who will make a lot of money out of the new publishing playing field. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them won't be writers.

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Vicki Delany said...

Thanks Barbara, that's a good link. Vanity presses are nothing new, but despite all the warnings out there, people still want to be published so much they'll pay for the privilge. Read on below that piece and there's talk about PW's new "PW Select" which will review Self Published books. $149 gets you considered for a review. Lee Goldburg's piece on that is titled "Publishers Weekly Whores Itself" Sharks indeed.