Monday, October 18, 2010

The shoemaker's children and Colonel Russell Williams

Monday morning and the Type M office is buzzing with activity. As CEO I am making a quick pass through, much too busy, in true CEO fashion, to actually stop and do any work. To switch my metaphors, like the shoemaker whose children go unshod, I don't have a blog post today. I'm heading off on blog tour myself over the next couple of weeks for Negative Image and have been writing up a storm about my writing life down on the farm, my police ride along fun, writing Canadian cops, small town mysteries, series vs. standalones, and anything and everything else that interests me. So I will leave you with a link to a very fun interview I did at Sea Minor. The best, most insiteful, intelligent interviewer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Amazingly penetrating questions.

One more thing - for those of you interested in true crime, the Colonel Russell Williams case is due to end today. He will be pleading guilty to all charges (incl. two counts of first degree murder). If you haven't heard of this case, it is particuarly notorious because at the time of his arrest Col. Williams was the commander of the largest air force base in Canada (quite close to where I live). According to today's Globe and Mail, he says he did it because... he was upset about the death of his... cat.

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Barbara Fradkin said...

As a psychologist, I find this case particularly fascinating. He has many forensic and criminal psychologists stymied because he fits no clear profile. I think his psyche will be probed and studied and profiled to death as we try o figure out how he turned out this way.
Good luck with your blog tour, Vicki!