Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A must-see

Okay, the title is definitely tongue-in-cheek. And this week’s blog posting is a bit of a cop-out since I’m currently really busy on other things, and heck, it’s not every day that Blechta gets interviewed for anything. For the record the clip above is an interview that I did a few weeks ago for The Mark News, a Canadian online news service.

We decided to do the interview and “B-roll shots” at Toronto’s historic Distillery District. It’s got great visual atmosphere and a ton of good places to shoot. The real issue is to avoid security because you aren’t supposed to shoot anything (other than vacation shots) down there without permission. That’s a train’s bell ringing in the background at the beginning. The property abuts Union Station. I love trains, so I’m glad they used that part of the sound track. What you saw was edited down from about 15 minutes worth of yours truly shooting his mouth off.

We shot the cover of my fifth novel, When Hell Freezes Over, in an open area of the Distillery District. They also shot a lot of Cinderella Man down there (along with a ton of other productions) because of the cobblestones and old buildings, and according to Wikipedia it’s “the largest collection of Victorian era industrial architecture in North America”.

So now you know “the rest of the story”. If you’re ever in Toronto, a trip to the Distillery District is certainly worth the effort. You probably won’t see me there, though...unless someone wants another interview!


John Corrigan said...

Great interview. Thanks for sharing.

Rick Blechta said...

It was a very enjoyable exercise. I have a son with a diploma in PR and he's taught me how to "self-edit" myself when I speak, cutting out most of the "ums" and "ahs". This interview used just little short bursts of longer answers and sometimes the juxtaposition of words wasn't the best, but it all works reasonably well.

And hey, any publicity is good publicity!

Hannah Dennison said...

This is great! I love it --- no "ums" or "ahs" as you say! You interview really well!

Rick Blechta said...

Hannah, they cut out some of the really good bits. Like after I said, "It just sort of happened," I also added, "but I really wanted to be a rock star, honestly I did!"

Guess the editors figured it would draw away from what they were trying to get across. If you want to see me during my nascent rock star days, check this out: http://rickblechta.com/Pages/Scrapbook.html

And I had hair, lots and lots of hair. I still look at that page a few times of year and sigh.