Monday, December 20, 2010

Planes, trains and automobiles

The Cargo/Delany clan begins to arrive from near and far. Not quite as many, or as far, as our big trip last month to Las Vegas when there were 14 of us, 11 with the last name Delany.

But it's my immediate family this time, and all coming for Christmas. It’s been a few years since we’ve all been together.

It seems that just about everyone is having travel problems this year. I hope Hannah is able to get to her family in England.

Daughter #2 was the first to travel. She lives in Nelson, B.C. (Aka Trafalgar). If you’ve read Winter of Secrets you will know that the nearest airport to Nelson is in Castlgear. Called Cancel-gar. Castlegar is at the bottom of a valley, surrounded on all sides by mountains. Great views coming in and out, let me tell you. However, in the winter the weather can be a mite tricky.

There is one flight to and from Calgary per day, two to Vancouver. And that is it. The plane arrives, lands, throws the incoming passengers off, loads up the outgoing and takes off. Turn around time? About 15 minutes.

If it’s cloudy the incoming plane will circle the airport for ten minutes or so and if the clouds don’t clear – back it goes.

That happened yesterday to Daughter #2. Much panic on my end as I watched the flight status on my computer. When I saw that it was 15 minutes past arrival time and the PLANE was still “in flight” I knew what that meant.

Fortunately she was able to get on the second flight of the day to Vancouver, and fortunately that PLANE did get in and out. And she was able to change her flight from Calgary to one from Vancouver.

She will spend two days in Toronto with Daughter #3 and then they’ll drive up here together in an AUTOMOBILE.

First to arrive will be my mom, who gets in on the TRAIN this afternoon. The weather forecast is for cold but only a couple of centimetres of snow so the TRAIN should be okay. I will pick her up at the train station in my AUTOMOBILE.

Tomorrow evening Daughter #1 arrives with my brother on another TRAIN. Again, not expecting much snow so I’m hopeful all will go well.

And we’ll all have a very Merry Christmas. And I hope you do too.

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hannah Dennison said...

Vicki! What can I say. As one who is still trying to get to England (two flights cancelled so far) - the prospects of my husband and I spending the holidays with all my family (including my daughter) are bleak. Even if we got to Heathrow, the 250 mile "drive" is looking unlikely. I hope your family arrive safely - you will have a wonderful holiday all together - which I shall enjoy vicariously through your happiness!