Monday, March 21, 2011

On Promotion and the new line up at Type M 4 Murder

Vicki here on Monday with a bit of news. But first:

Donis brings up a good question: Why do we do it? Why do we travel so much and work so hard to promote ourselves and our books when the financial reward is pretty much laughable in comparison to the money spent?

For me at least, the answer is that I do like it. The thing I like most about being a writer is all the friends I’ve made. Talk about an unexpected by-product! I didn’t decide I wanted to try to write a mystery novel because I’d like to meet new and interesting people. I doubt very much that even crossed my mind. But being a writer has opened up a whole new world to me. I had a fabulous time in Birmingham, Alabama in February with the likes of Rosemary Harris and Jeri Westerson and Chris Grabenstein and Mary Anna Evans and more people than I can name. I’m looking forward to catching up with Charlotte Hinger and Ann Parker at Left Coast Crime this week. Then to Scottsdale and Phoenix to talk books with Barbara Peters and Lesa Holstine.

All this, and tax deductible too!

In other news, it’s great to have Brent Ghelfi on board on a casual basis. And I’m very pleased to be able to let you know that Scottish writer Aline Templeton will be sitting in for me on Mondays once a month. The last Monday of every month, Aline will be bringing us the word from Scotland.

Aline is the author of the Inspector Marjory Fleming books set in Scotland as well as a couple of standalones. Cradle to the Grave is the newest: Accused of murdering the baby in her care, seemingly cold and measured nanny Lisa Stewart maintains her innocence. But when she changes her name and tries to run away, the terrifying threats always find her. Is she an innocent victim of public anger? Or a calculating murderer on the run?

I love the cover and I will admit that I'm a fan of Aline and really looking foward to another Fleming!

I’m excited about the range of authors and books we have here at Type M and hope you are too.

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Barbara Fradkin said...

I agree, we're a great bunch! I'd like to extend a personal welcome to Aline, and I look forward to catching up on her series. Nice to have another Inspector on the squad!