Monday, May 09, 2011

Farewell, and hope to see you soon.

Vicki here, reminiscing. Hard to believe that it’s been five years since Rick Blechta, Charles Benoit, and I started Type M for Murder.

Blogs were something new back then; I was working at the Royal Bank in Toronto and living in Oakville. Charles was an action-adventure writer and I had published two standalone novels of suspense and had never heard of a young policewoman by the name of Molly Smith.

Our original line up of writers was, if memory serves, Rick, Charles, Michael Blair, and Alex Brett. And me.

It’s been an enormous amount of fun, and I’ve met so many wonderful and talented crime writers.

But, I’ve run out of things to say. I’m heading off on a six week cross-Canada book tour and it seemed like a good time for me to leave the blog. I know that I’m leaving it in very good hands, and I just love the varied line-up of authors we have now. I hope they’ll have me back for a guest posting now and again.

But – before I go… As I said, I’m driving across Canada heading for Bloody Words in Victoria June 3 -5. I’ll be in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Castlegar, Nelson, Salmo, Victoria, and Calgary. With a side-trip to Seattle for the Seattle Mystery Bookstore. I’m doing libraries as well as bookstores, so please do come out if you’re in the neighbourhood. All the details are posted at Booktour.

First stop is Ottawa on Monday May 9th for the launch party of Among the Departed in conjunction with Mary Jane Maffini who's launching the 5th Charlotte Adams book, A Busy Woman’s Guide to Murder. Ottawa launches are just about the best around, being held in the sunken atrium at Library and Archives Canada. We’ll have food (MJ is responsible for the chocolate) wine by donation, live music, talks and readings, and a chance to schmooze with the mystery literati. The MC is Canada’s Mystery Maven, Linda Wiken. The festivities begin at 7:00.

I’m going to try to keep my personal blog more up to date, so please, come on over and join me at One Woman Crime Wave. And keep hanging around at Type M for Murder.


Linda Wiken said...

You've done a great job with setting up and growing Type M, Vicki!

Have fun with the book tour. Do you ever stay at home?

Lesa said...

We're going to miss you here, Vicki, but you have good reasons to move on. Good luck with the future, and with the book tour. Hugs,"Sister."

Rick Blechta said...

I think I can speak for everyone when I say thanks to Vicki for being the spark that got this blog going. I'm sure we can snooker her back frequently to keep us up to date with what she has going on.

Thanks, Vicki!

Charles Benoit said...

Although it's been some time since I've been a blogger, Type M remains my favorite blog to read. Ta-ta Vicki, and as for the rest of you, keep that Type M standard flying high.

hannah Dennison said...

Vicki - I'm happy we got a chance to meet at Malice and festivals etc. Thanks so much for inviting me to be part of Type M - we'll miss you!

Donis Casey said...

How we'll miss you, Vicki. Thanks for affording me the opportunity to join the gang at Type M. I'll look forward to dinner ant Frank and Lupe's whenever you're in the Phoenizx area