Saturday, July 02, 2011

One Hundred Pages Redux

I mentioned last week that I finally finished the first 100 pages of my next Alafair novel. Have I sent it off to the editor? No, I have not. I don't know what my problem is, but I can't stop futzing with it. In the first draft the story cut back and forth in time. Upon re-reading, I second guessed myself, went back and rearranged the story in strict chronological order. My first reader (husband) told me that there's now far too much set-up and not enough action early on, so now I'm putting it back the way I had it in the first place.

I believe in rewriting and polishing but I also believe that you have to trust the process. You'd think I'd have learned that after five novels, but sadly these rookie mistakes keep recurring in spite of me.

Perhaps I should blame the weather. Yes, perhaps I shall do that. It's June in Phoenix and too damn hot. I find my mind wandering at the most inconvenient times, and considering that I have a tendency to give in to random thought as it is, I'm not having any luck completing the tasks I should.

For instance, rather than work on the manuscript I've just spent the last fifteen minutes naming my rock band. I was listening to Death Cab for Cutie when it occurred to me that they must have come up with their name by throwing darts at a dictionary. "Donis," I say to myself, "if you close your eyes and stab your pencil point at random spots on the newspaper, surely you could come up with your own effective band moniker." So here they are, my four, three, two, and one word band names, in just the order random chance dictated.

Last Movie Which Vegas
Formula Over Cacophany (I swear I didn't alter.)
Passes Lopez

Now for a bit of information that is actually useful, Dear Reader. My publisher, Poisoned Pen Press, has just started its own blog featuring a fabulous roster of PPP authors taking turns to post something interesting, informative, and fun once a month. Our own Vicki Delany, late of Type M, is the first blogger. If you're interested in discovering fabulous mystery authors, check it out. It'll be a different author blogging every day! Here's the link:

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