Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Books (Reading and Writing)

Today, in honor of the holiday season, we have a morning and an evening post.

So the holidays are here, and I have a confession. One of the things I love best about the holiday season is that I have the time to curl up in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and read a book. This year – after catching The Thin Man (Christmas in NYC) on Turner Classic Movies – I’ve decided to go seasonal in my choice of what to read.

Below is one of the sites that I found with a list of holiday mysteries.

Looking at the holidays on this list reminded me that my second mystery, A Dead Man’s Honor, began on Halloween. A holiday is an especially useful time to have a murder mystery take place because what happens on holidays: people gather for events/celebrations and they eat, drink, and sometimes makes fools of themselves. At these events, people are sometimes in costumes. People come and go. They also duck into rooms or alcoves or step out onto terraces for private conversations that may be seen or overhear.

There are also wonderful seasonal ways of doing in one’s victim. For example:

Christmas – electrocuted why testing the lights on the tree.

New Year’s – cyanide in that glass of champagne at midnight

Valentine’s Day – an exploding box of chocolates

April Fool’s Day – an elaborate practical joke that turns lethal

Easter -- a killer in a bunny costume with more than eggs in his basket

Memorial Day – a picnic at the lake and a nasty cramp while swimming

Well, you get the idea. I didn’t even mention Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and Administrative Professionals Day.

I love holidays. A great time to catch up on one’s reading. And an even better time for someone to breathe his or her last as the celebration is underway.

Happy Holidays, Everyone! Go easy on the eggnog.

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