Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The inside scoop on book covers

I’m visiting on another blog today and tomorrow so I’m inviting everyone over there. I have my graphic designer’s hat firmly on and am being interviewed about book cover design. This is an offshoot of some postings I’ve done here on Type M the past couple of weeks, and I hope that you all will find it enlightening and interesting. A great deal of it is squarely aimed at authors who often find themselves at the mercy of their publishers when it comes to cover design.

So drop over to Lynda Wiken’s mysterymavencdn.blogspot.com and join our little discussion, or leave comments here. It’s all good.

On last week’s announcement of our informal contest for bad book covers of 2011: I’ve received only two nominations, which is disappointing. Come on, people! There have got to be more than two bad covers foisted on an unsuspected reading public during the year. Let’s get some more nominations in!

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