Friday, January 13, 2012

January Junkie

I’m a January Junkie. A hopeless addict. Against all reason, I feel a mysterious surge of optimistic energy this time of year. The sort of “irrational exuberance” that Alan Greenspan once warned about before the disastrous market crash.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived in Kansas all my life and the state is the epitome of “next year” country. We truly believe that “next year’s” crops will be abundant, operating notes will be paid off at the bank, prices will hold steady, rain will come at the right time, and bankers will smile on farming ventures.

Capital will flow in abundance and the Chiefs will win the super bowl.

In fact, publishing and writing is the ideal venue for Kansas farmers who stray beyond their humble beginnings. I love New York and the entire publishing industry. It’s the East Coast counterpart for Kansas’s hype and hope. Editors and publishers, believe that “next year’s” list will be the winner, that a magical book will fly over the transom, or a book that enchanted the whole house (including the bean-counters) will be equally respected by the literary critics. At the very least, the book will garner a Pulitzer.

It can happen! It does happen every year for scattered wheat farmers and publishing houses. A crop emerges, rains come, and the price holds. Books come out of nowhere that the public loves. Who knew? For despite all the effort put forth by the Big Six publishing conglomerates, not all books can be hyped onto the best-seller list. There are some best-selling authors who have dominated the lists forever and ever. But every year there is a wild card book sold by word of mouth.

Perhaps next year will be your year. Perhaps the novel you’ve always wanted to write will sell beyond your wildest expectations. Crops don’t grow unless they are planted. Books can’t sell until they are written.

It can happen to you. Against all odds, someone’s wheat crop and someone’s book emerges, finds the sun, and makes it to the harvest every year.


term papers said...
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Donis Casey said...

From your mouth to God's ears. p.s. your reviews for Lethal Lineage are a joy to read

Charlotte Hinger said...

Donis--You would THINK these reviews would give me more confidence about the next book, but no, I manage to work myself up into an absolute tizzy.