Friday, April 27, 2012

An Evening at the Edgars

 Frankie here with my Friday post, up a little early.

I had a front-table seat this evening when our own Hannah Dennison was among the presenters at the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Awards. Hannah was the chair of the “Best TV Teleplay For A Series” category. Our own John Corrigan also was on that committee.

The Grand Master Award went to Martha Grimes, author of the Inspector Richard Jury series, who was delightful in person. Her two young grandsons – her “agents” – were there and stood to take a bow.

Sandra Brown, this year’s President of MWA, was the emcee for the awards ceremony. She looked smashing and was funny and charming. As a fellow Southerner, I especially enjoy her accent.

The winners of the various book, short story, TV, and play awards were joyful, stunned, and/or speechless. But they all managed to convey what an honor it was to be the one in their category of talented writers to take home an Edgar (a bust of Edgar Allan Poe). The list of winners went out from MWA immediately after the banquet. 

One of the two winners of a Raven Award was M is For Mystery Bookstore in San Mateo, CA. I happened to be seated beside Ed Kaufman, the proprietor of that bookstore. After he retired from his career as a lawyer, he followed his second passion and opened a bookstore. The other Raven recipient was Molly Weston, who has hosted many a visiting mystery writer to North Carolina and is the editor of inSinc, the Sisters in Crime quarterly.

I should say more, including telling you how much I enjoyed chatting with the people at my table and seeing old friends. But I have an early morning train to catch. I’m on my way to Malice Domestic, and I need to be off to bed.

This is my favorite week of the mystery year. 

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