Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random thoughts from the week

Archer Mayor, a Vermont-based author of the 22-book Joe Gunther series, visited my students Monday, after we finished reading the first book in the series, “Open Season.” Mayor is a death scene investigator and a sheriff's detective in Vermont and full-time writer, so he knows of what he writes.
Also, this week, my students worked on this assignment. Assignment: Write a fictitious newspaper account based on the following scene before you. (500 words max.) Be sure to consider and explain all of the props and exactly in your account of what happened: Who are these people? Where are they? Why? When is it? What happened?
Props: 1. Clear Care eye solvent and contact canister 2. Apple 3. Scissors 4. Aspirin 5. Contact Lenses in cleaner 6. Table with linen 7. Two coffee mugs 8. Two chairs 9. Benicar (5 mg.) 10. Knife 11. Blood 12. Dishes, silverware. Let's see what my students come up with.

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